🆒 Summer uniform

Today is p chill, but it's getting hot

Happy Tuesday! This past weekend the temperature got up to 90 degrees here in New York which is way past my comfortable zone. Today it’s going to be nice and chilly (thank God) but it got me thinking about what my essential summer gear is going to be. This will probably change, but right now I can’t see my summer being an enjoyable one without these three items.

In this issue

⌚ The ultimate adventure watch for the summer.

👟 A good pair of sandals that I’m loving.

📕 Summer reading.

G-Shock GA900HC-5A

I’ve never really been fond of G-shocks, but ever since the CasiOak I’ve started seeing the famously bulky, ridiculously rugged watches in a new light. I think the thin and minimal design of the CasiOak acted like a gateway drug because now I look at something like the new G-Shock GA900HC-5A and know that eventually, I’ll probably lose my self control and scoop one up.

I think what does it for me is the matte-tan bezel and watch strap. Despite being available in multiple other colors that make it look more like a traditional gaudy G-Shock, the matte tan gives it a softer look that I think is super practical for summer. Plus, the touch of bright yellow is a perfect accent and because it’s still a G-Shock I don’t need to worry about damaging it.

Birkenstock Kyoto

In my first issue of the Cool Supply newsletter I debated whether to get another pair of Teva sandals or Birkenstocks. As you can tell by the title of this section, I went with the Birks. I regret nothing. Rather than go with the classic Arizona line of sandals, the unique silhouette of the newer Kyoto line is what caught my eye.

The description says that they pulled inspiration from the Zurich model, but to my untrained eye it has much more of Japanese aesthetic which would make sense given the name. Plus, they’ve been super comfortable so far. I”ve never been more happy with being a socks and sandals guy to the dismay of everyone in my life. #Shoobiegang

Kindle Paperwhite

Shortly before the panorama began I took a trip to the Amazon Books, the physical bookstore located on 34th street in NYC. For some reason, I decided to buy a Kindle Paperwhite that day and I’m so glad that I did. The Kindle has been a game changer for me. It’s so small, lightweight, let’s me buy books immediately without needing to wait.

My system so far with the Kindle has been to read a book as an ebook first just because it’s hard to beat the convenience. Only if I really liked the book will I then go out and purchase the physical book to keep on my bookshelf. So far only a handful of books have passed the test and made it onto my shelf. Those books are:

Any one of these will make a great summer read depending on whether you want to escape reality, organize reality, question reality, or appreciate reality (in that order). Well that took a turn.