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Apartment therapy

Happy Tuesday! I hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend. I got mine started off right by doing a bunch of smaller home projects that my girlfriend and I have been putting off since we moved into our apartment. Hanging the art, our guitars, and putting up shelves made a world of difference and it made me remember how excited we were when we were first planning to move. Basically, we got a second wind when it comes to decorating our apartment. As a newly professional interior designer I thought it’d be cool to share some inspo.

In this issue

📺 A YouTube channel with endless solutions to small apartment problems.

💡 Lighting 101

🎨 A paint-trend I can’t wait to try.

Never Too Small

When I was first looking to move into a small place a few years ago in Boston I came across this YouTube channel. They interview the people who own the apartments and the architects who designed them about the different problems that people faced and the solutions they came up with.

Every apartment is definitely owned/designed by the super rich elite and is therefore not super relatable, but it’s still a good channel to get inspiration from. Especially when it comes to how they use the space and make the most of the light.

Lighting 101

Speaking of lighting, it’s a lot more important than I ever realized. In my head I just enjoyed big windows and natural light, but the most a e s t h e t i c places go the extra step.

This video was one of the first that Jess and I watched when we first got interested in how to make a small, dark space look and feel a lot bigger and more vibrant. There’s so much that goes into the lighting of an apartment and one of my favorite things about my current place was a tip that we picked up from this video.

Paint shapes

One trend that I can’t wait to do is to paint seemingly random shapes in different places around the apartment. This picture of a small circle behind the mirror on a mall always comes to mind whenever I think of this and I just feel like it can add so much personality to a smaller, cozy space. I can’t wait to give it a try.

Shout out to Pinterest.