🆒 Holy shit coffee is good

3 more days until May 1st

It’s Tuesday again! So for the month of April I decided to give up coffee as part of my monthly 30 day challenges. I started slightly late (on like the 4th or something) but whatever I’m counting it. The first few days sucked and I had no energy and a blasting headache, but eventually it passed and I was able to go about my life just fine. Turns out I don’t need coffee every day. But God do I miss it.

Nowadays, coffee is less about needing to wake up and more just a happy routine that I go through to enjoy something delicious. I can drink coffee again this coming Saturday (May 1st) and I’ve been daydreaming about all the ways I want to have coffee.

Here are a few.

In this issue

🍩 A video from the coffee Gawd himself.

🧦 A Malaysian method of brewing that sounds weird but delicious.

📱 My go-to Instagram account for coffee porn.

Drinking Donuts with coffee…kind of

If you don’t know, James Hoffman is THE guy when it comes to coffee YouTube. I’ve been watching him occasionally for a few years, but recently his content has just been next level. One of his recent videos that caught my eye was this masterpiece about how he made donut-infused coffee and I can’t stop thinking about it.

I just took a break from writing this to watch it again and hot damn my mouth is watering. I’ve been on a donut kick lately and this just seems like cheating. Definitely going to try to make this over the weekend.

Coffee in a sock (kopi)

Okay, it’s not actually a sock. It’s just a coffee-sock-filter-thing. I’m not entirely sure what they’re called but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen these in the kitchen of every family member at some point.

The method is simple enough since all you really need to make coffee is, well, hot water and ground coffee. You basically just steep it like you would tea and then add two teaspoons of condensed milk. That might be a little too sweet for me so I’ll probably just use regular milk and only go with one teaspoon, but either way I need to find a sock first.

Coffee Bae

Food porn is a thing, but so is coffee porn. This page is just a series of beautifully shot pictures of coffee. Vivian (the girl who I think runs the page) spends her days experimenting and trying out different recipes that always end up looking delicious.

Definitely recommend following her if you enjoy fancy/unique coffee. Seeing one of her pictures pop up is always a nice way to break up the feed.

I have a lot to look forward to once May 1st rolls around 🤤.