🆒 Post-Pandy Adventures, Here We Come

Lets talk road trips.

Happy Friday! I just got back from camping this last weekend so naturally I’m already looking for the next adventure. Unfortunately, driving down the west coast from Alaska to Patagonia isn’t something that can be done overnight, so I’m looking for something a little more local. Still, that hasn’t stopped me from reading up on things as if I was going to be driving down the Americas anyway. Here are three of my favorite articles I’ve come across.

P.S - Some of these are long reads, so if you don’t have time now it’s probably a good idea to save them away for later. I use Pocket.

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📸 Interview with a photographer about expedition photography

These Adventure Vacations Are the Perfect Post-Pandemic Excursion

Gear Patrol has a habit of posting things at the perfect time to catch me scrolling aimlessly. This was one of them. It’s more of a practical, actionable article than the other ones on this list so if you just want to cut straight to your next vacation I suggest checking this one out.

I spent a decent amount of time just looking at Jeep rentals and checking national park passes because ‘murica. There are a lot of countries I want to go to, but sometimes I forget just how massive the states are. Whatever kind of adventure trip you’re after chances are you can do it somewhere without packing your passport.

How To Prepare And Maintain A Car For A 50,000 Mile Road Trip Around The World

This article was recommended by a host from one of my favorite podcasts and it did not disappoint. It’s a little bit technical and I wouldn’t call it an “exciting” read, but it’s full of useful information and tips/tricks that might come in handy on your next road trip.

Like I said, I’m most likely not going to be driving down to Patagonia anytime soon but some of the things I learned here can be useful just for everyday driving too. For example, on your next road trip don’t bother packing things that are easy to buy along the way. There are car shops and car people everywhere. But if your car has a very particular piece that would ruin the trip if it broke, you might want to pick that up beforehand.

Expedition Photography with Nick Bondarev

I love traveling to new places for the experiences, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t care about getting good pictures. I love photography and it’s one of my dreams to shoot a story of some iconic magazines like Nat Geo or Outside Magazine. But the truth is, I don’t know the first thing about approaching a big photography project like a professional. I’m a tourist first, photographer second whenever I go places.

This interview with Nick Bondarev highlights how to approach a project like someone that knows what they’re doing. The importance of research and preparation can’t be overstated when it comes to larger photography projects. One of my favorite sections of this interview is when Nick Bondarev says that most of the work happens without a camera in his hands. Only once he’s done a ton of research, got to know the place and the people he’s shooting, and feels a level of true understanding will he then take out his camera. I love that idea.